our philosophy

At tiny talents, we strive to instill confidence, internalize motivation and inspire learning in every child. Everything we do is constructed around one simple idea: children learn best when they enjoy learning.

We place our students’ interests and well-being in first place.  We provide the most suitable lesson plans and teaching approaches to each student. We wish that every student can practice English in a happy, fun and effective environment, suited to their specific needs.

We love children and we are passionate about early childhood education.  We put our emphasis on “whole brain” learning in our programs with a balance between left and right brain. This maximizes students’ full potential through their brain connectivity. Numerous researches have shown that children’s brains develop rapidly before the age of six and 70% of the brain development are reached by this age.

We make every effort to help children grow by:

•  Stimulating their love and passionate for learning,
•  Building positive relationships with them,
•  Caring about them, and
•  Providing the best learning environment for them to learn, play and explore!

our mission

“A good start is the key to a successful future.” We believe that early years of childhood are essential to children’s healthy growing development. Our goal is to enhance students’ English standards through quality native English teaching in a fun, caring and interactive learning environment.

Through a variety of stimulations, exposures and trainings, each child can be trained to reach his/her full potential. Our professional teachers are committed to providing the best materials and knowledge to students and to prepare them to become happy, successful and self-motivated lifelong learners.

MA. Miss. Joanne, Principal of Tiny Talents

Why Tiny Talents?

Professional and Passionate Teachers

All our teachers are native English speakers and all classes are taught in 100% English.  They are qualified teachers with degrees in Education, English, Child Psychology, or certificates in Teaching English. Most importantly, we are passionate about what we do and are committed to your children’s learning and personal growth.

Fun and Innovative Approach

Everything we do is built around one simple idea: children learn best when they love to learn. We keep students excited about English learning by making all our books and activities fun, enjoyable, and effective.  We strive to instill confidence, increase motivation and inspire learning in every child.

Free Assessments

We offer free assessments for students to situate them in the most appropriate and suitable level.  Students are placed with children of similar standards and learning objectives.

Structured Curriculum

Our curriculum is created and structured with detailed learning objectives.   As children learn at different pace and with different strategies, each student is assigned a customized learning curriculum to help optimize students’ learning progress.

Student Progress Reports

We provide useful written feedback on the handbook after each class.  Parents are always kept up-to-date on students’ progress and in-class performance.  We also provide regular student reports and conduct evaluations to ensure academic goals are achieved and students’ full potentials are reached.

Awards and Certificates

Each student will be awarded a certificate of achievement after the completion of a level of study.   Special awards will be presented to students who have demonstrated outstanding progress during their course of learning.

Small Class Size

Our classes are carried out in small groups (1-5 students) to ensure effective learning while we strive to balance the fun and advantage of interactive group-based learning.

Convenient Location

All our centres are conveniently located. Check out the addresses of our different centres here.

Free Lesson

We offer free classes to students who successfully refer new students to the Centre. For other promotions, please contact us and learn more!

Contact Us

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